Who we are

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Mwasi’s Political Statement

MWASI is an afrofeminist collective that falls within the revolutionary liberation struggle movement. Our group is open only to black women and people assigned female at birth.

Our afrofeminism is a political and collective response to the racist, hetero-patriarchal and capitalist system, borne of the history and legacies of black women and feminists who have fought for emancipation and liberation by making significant contributions to feminist thinking in France, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean or the African diaspora. Mwasi Collective is not and will never be backed by any political party given that they all, with no exception, support and perpetuate the racist, colonial, imperialist and patriarchal system. Our afrofeminism is from the front lines and aims at radical social change through collective struggle.




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What we want

  • Our full right to existence, liberation, happiness and self-determination; which we’ll achieve by dismantling anti-blackness, hetero-patriarchy and capitalism.
  • Afrofeminism as a political practice and not an identity. Liberal reductionism would aim to make afrofeminism an individual identity, whereas it’s a political movement of struggle, which makes use of practices, theories and historical developments specific to each context. It is therefore essential for us to strengthen French afrofeminist thought, creating collective political strategies and analysis grounded in the experiences of black women living in France.
  • Fight against our invisibilisation as political subjects, by centering black women in our actions and organizing from the specific gendered racialization of black women.
  • An anti-capitalist afrofeminism. We fight for all black women. We have no choice, therefore, but to highlight class issues and their gendered racialization. Because of this, the system enacts even more violence in the daily lives of those among us who are struggling. We aspire to a classless society, rid of capitalism and oppose any celebration of the feminization and/or “diversification” of the capitalist elites.
  • Build effective political solidarities with our sistas in the Global South. This is a politically strategic response to white saviour complex and the instrumentalization of feminist, queer and trans struggles for racist imperialist purposes. It is also key for building anti-imperialist organizing against the exploitation of our sisters and brothers in the Global South and against South/South violence by de-centering Western attempts at political hijacking.


What we do

  • Actions: public speaking, events, and training are practices essential to our activism. These actions are always in line with our political ethic, our agenda and the imperatives requiring one-time or longer term alliances depending on the context.
  • Debates: whether in the form of meetings or written statements. The goal here is to strive to produce, critique and share the theories, practices and strategies of our political struggles. Mwasi’s actions are mainly aimed at black women and the black community in general.
  • Foster black sisterhood and self-love. We create gathering spaces to help address immediate needs of support, mutual aid and sharing.

For us, by us, with love


For us, by us, with love

Resources for understanding concepts of race, gender, class and intersectionality are found here:  https://mwasicollectif.com/ressources/

Responses to frequent questions are found here: https://mwasicollectif.com/faq/
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Email: mwasicollectif (at) gmail.com

Facebook: Mwasi – Collectif Afroféministe

Twitter: @MwasiCollectif