Who we are

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The Mwasi Manifesto/ Mwasi’s Political Statement

Mwasi is a Black Feminist collective actively involved in the fight for Black liberation. We work in a non-mixed environment, exclusively open to black and mixed-race womxn and those assigned female at birth.

Our Black Feminism is a political and collective response to a racist, sexist, hetero-patriarchal and capitalist system, and founded in the history of womxn and Black Feminists who have organised and participated in the fight for freedom and emancipation while contributing to the construction of feminist thought in France, Africa, the Caribbean and throughout the Black diaspora.

Mwasi collective does not, nor will ever endorse any political party that supports and perpetuates racism, colonialism, imperialism and patriarchy. We subscribe to an active Black Feminism which seeks to radically change society through a collective effort.

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We demand:

  • Our basic right to existence, to freedom, to happiness and to self-identification. We aim to achieve this through the overthrowing of anti-blackness, hetero-patriarchy and capitalism.
  • Black Feminism as a political practice and not merely a label. Though there are liberals who deem Black Feminism a personal political preference, we are adamant that it is in fact a global political movement and struggle which combines multiple practices and theories,  and is grounded in many historical contexts depending on each situation. It is therefore essential for us to reinforce Black Feminist thought in a French context by sharing the experiences of black womxn and afab people living in France to produce collective political strategies and analyses.
  • A fight against our invisibilisation as political subjects by putting black womxn and afab people at the centre of our movement, and in organising ourselves around the specificity of  the racialisation of gender.
  • A fight for an anti-capitalist Black Feminism. Our fight is for all black womxn and afab people and we cannot stress the question of class and of gender racialisation enough when speaking of this violently oppressive system of white, rich, capitalist, male supremacy. We aspire to a classless society void of capitalism, and we oppose all celebration of the feminisation and/or “diversification” of elite capitalism.
  • Real political solidarity with our sist@s in the Global South. This is the only sustainable response to the usage of queer, trans and feminist issues to serve a racist, imperialist and ‘white saviour complex’ purpose. It is also essential for an anti-imperialist mobilisation against the exploitation of our brothers and sisters in the Global South, and against internal violence causes by decentralising western recovery efforts.

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We propose:

  • Direct action: protests, interventions, courses and conferences are the fundamental elements of our activism. These actions are always in line with our political ethics, our manifesto, and the pressing needs of any long or short-term alliances that may be necessary in a given situation.princip afr ant 4 .jpg
  • Debates: whether they be in the form of face-to-face interactions or in the production of texts. There must be a shared thought process in the production, the criticism and the distribution of theories, practices and strategies of our political struggle. All of Mwasi’s actions are principally aimed at black womxn and afab people, and at the general black community.
  • The development and promotion of black love and solidarity. We organise spaces in which we can talk amongst ourselves to address our immediate needs, be it support and  assistance, or sharing our experiences.

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For us, by us, with love

Resources for understanding concepts of race, gender, class and intersectionality are found here:  https://mwasicollectif.com/ressources/

Responses to frequent questions are found here: https://mwasicollectif.com/faq/
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Email: mwasicollectif (at) gmail.com

Facebook: Mwasi – Collectif Afroféministe

Twitter: @MwasiCollectif